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Collmate :: Features, Abilities and Benefits

   Collmate lets you to store:
  • Multiple collections in a single file (a package)
  • Unlimited number of collections in a package
  • Unlimited number of contacts in a package
  • Unlimited number of items and enclosed collections in each collection
  • Up to 32 additional customizable item attributes in every single collection
  • Up to 4 images for each item
  • Rich text description for each item
  • Detailed indication of the current status of an item
   Collmate lets you to do:
  • Organize collections in the tree
  • Track the loaned items and those people, who possess them
  • Move, copy and duplicate items
  • Collect history of an items
  • Search information through collections
  • Sort items in collections on any available attribute
  • Create list of novelties through all collections
  • Create and print reports, item lists and collection catalogs
  • Export data into XLS, RTF, HTML, CSV and TXT formats
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Create and send list of items to the contacts by e-mail
   Collmate provides to you with:
  • Collection creation wizard
  • Copy/Move items wizard
  • Report generator wizard
  • User report designer
  • Predefined and user-defined templates of collections (you can use built-in template manager to manage templates)
  • Data encryption and password protection
  • Data integrity verification
  • Shell integration
  • Context help system
   Collmate has a multi-language "Easy-To-Localize" user interface and supports:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Byelorussian
  • Estonian

  • Note: To translate user interface into your native language you dont need to have special skills and tools. All you need is your favorite text editor! Send created language file to us and you'll receive registration key for free.
   Other features and benefits of Collmate:
  • Windows XP Themes support
  • Drag'n'Drop operations support
  • No database and data access drivers required
  • No additional system libraries required
  • Installation and uninstallation
  • Small size

Latest News
Apr 5, 2007 »
Collmate 1.36 has been released! Automatic backup, filelist import, new report generator functions and etc. See what's new.

Dec 12, 2006 »
Microsoft Vista compatible Collmate 1.35 has been released! See what's new.

Apr 7, 2006 »
Collmate 1.34 has been released! Several critical errors are fixed. Read more...

Jan 20, 2006 »
Spanish language support has been added.

Nov 27, 2005 »
Chinese Simplified and Traditional language support has been added.

Jun 6, 2005 »
Collmate 1.32 has been released! Now with Data Import function. See what's new.

Feb 21, 2005 »
Collmate On-Line User Manual has been updated.

Jan 24, 2005 »
New ticket system for customer service has been launched on our website.

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