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Collmate :: Screen Shots
Collection Explorer

Collection Explorer (the main window of Collmate) lets you to manage collections, items and contacts in your collection package. There are three basic controls: the package explorer, the item list and the set of item's detail panels.
List of loaned items

It's a part of built-in loan manager. Here you can see the list of items, which has been loaned to your contacts.
Also you can see the items, which has been loaned to each contact separately.
Report Generator

Built-in report generator lets you to create and print reports, item lists and collection catalogs.
Report Designer

A Collmate Report Designer will do the job of designing a report perfectly.
Template Manager

Templates of collections are used to simplify the process of collection creation. To manage templates of collections the template manager is used. It allows to create new or change already existing user-defined templates and to create copies of templates.
Properties Dialogs

Collection properties editor: [1] [2] [3]

Item properties editor: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Additional attribute properties editor: [1] [2]

Latest News
Apr 5, 2007 »
Collmate 1.36 has been released! Automatic backup, filelist import, new report generator functions and etc. See what's new.

Dec 12, 2006 »
Microsoft Vista compatible Collmate 1.35 has been released! See what's new.

Apr 7, 2006 »
Collmate 1.34 has been released! Several critical errors are fixed. Read more...

Jan 20, 2006 »
Spanish language support has been added.

Nov 27, 2005 »
Chinese Simplified and Traditional language support has been added.

Jun 6, 2005 »
Collmate 1.32 has been released! Now with Data Import function. See what's new.

Feb 21, 2005 »
Collmate On-Line User Manual has been updated.

Jan 24, 2005 »
New ticket system for customer service has been launched on our website.

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